We started from the end of the year 2006, our activity in the field of customs and excise, during which time the environmental protection product range has grown into administration.

Activity is based:

  • customs permit HU100000N6000190797
  • AEO authorization HUAEOC170000T2000002382
  • authorized recipient HU160000N1001299776


Secondary and tertiary education customs, excise and secondary administrators, environmental fees, administrators, sales and foreign trade qualifications and 15 years of professional experience in


Our office: 1107 Budapest, Sava u. 9


Phone / Fax: 260-5833



+36 30 649 44 56 Baksa Monika

+36 30 649 44 96 Robert Baksa



Our office is located south of Budapest NAV Customs and Finance Guard Directorate in the neighborhood.


Regularly cleared for NAV South Budapest Customs and Finance Guard Directorate, at the bilk, Mahar and on the No. 1 Airport office and postal traffic.